Taking Care of your Panther Band Uniform


You must be sure that the length of your uniform pants is at the proper height. As you are standing with your marching band shoes on, the pant should be no lower than the first snap from the top of the spats!

You can adjust the length of your pants by hemming the pants with a light stitch of thread. Remember that another band person will be wearing these pants in the future, SO PLEASE DO NOT CUT THE FABRIC!

Other Important Guidelines:

  • Please take proper care of your band uniform. Make sure that the uniform is properly hung on a sturdy hanger.
  • Also, make sure that the creases of the pants are folded together.
  • Wash your spats and gloves as needed.
  • Do NOT dry them on a hot dry setting.
  • Be sure to have black, plain, polishable shoes with a heel.
  • No athletic shoes!
  • You will need to have long black socks. Do not wear white socks!
  • Suspenders are required. This is the best way to keep your uniform pants up and at the proper length. Any clip on style will do.
  • Dark/Black t-shirt worn under the band jacket.
  • Hair under the hat.